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Website Hosting

HostIndy.com will host your website and keep it online and running smoothly. Simply choose the type of server that will best optimize the performance of your website.

If you are just starting out or would like to begin economically and build from there, check-out the Virtual Server Options at the left.

Virtual Servers

Micro Option
Mini Option
Mid Option
Mega Option
Meta Option

Dedicated Servers
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Shared Hosting

What is a shared server?

A server that shares its machine resources among other server accounts. Choose a predetermined amount of disk space and feature packages to fit your needs, and ease into the Web with a shared server.

Who needs one?

Small businesses
Growing businesses

Why Get one?

Create your Web presence by maximizing resources, without maximizing cost.

Shared servers are highly scalable and allow you to easily upgrade as your hosting needs grow.


Dedicated Hosting

What is a dedicated server?

A server that runs its own machine. No other website can use your server's resources, resulting in optimum performance for your website. We offer both the FreeBSD (UNIX) and Windows 2000 operating systems.

Who needs one?

High traffic sites
Heavy e-commerce sites
Established businesses
Web gurus

Why Get one?

Completely control your machine, and access its resources 24 hours per day.

Ideal for the business with large disk space, bandwidth, and processing requirements.

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