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Customer Support

You want to partner with a Web hosting company that puts you first by providing free customer service, escalation support, and online resources.


Look no further...

Free 24x7 Support

Luckily, customer support is where HostIndy.com shines. Our dedicated staff of support representatives is able to answer all of your questions and concerns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Not only are they friendly and knowledgeable in all the intricacies of the Web, they are also committed to getting your needs met fast. It is our goal to provide the best support services on the Web!


Get answers fast!


We provide plenty of online resources and information for those self-help gurus. Use our Windows Online Help, FreeBSD (UNIX) Online Help, Top Ten FAQ, Customer Board, and Glossary to find valuable information right at your fingertips! We also provide you with a toll-free phone number (for U.S. residents only), or a separate phone number if you are one of our international customers, so that you can reach our support team if you are unable to use our online resources.


HostIndy.com Request System


Also, should our customers need quick answers to tough problems, they can simply use our HostIndy.com Request system. This system allows our customers to send a support request via e-mail to our customer support team with an average response time of just one hour!

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