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Website Design

HostIndy.com offers professional, affordable website design and development packages.

Our website design services include the creation of sites that range between entry level online brochures, to the development of large-scale, ecommerce enabled websites. Our developers are highly experienced in a variety of Internet related technologies including:

  • ASP
  • CGI (C++, PERL)
  • Dynamic HTML
  • Java
  • Scripting (PHP, Javascript)
  • ActiveX
  • Shockwave, Flash, Director
  • Graphics Design
HostIndy.com offers expertise in ecommerce including merchant accounts, online store fronts and encryption technologies. Our experience gained through several years of working with advanced ecommerce development projects.

Due to the wide variety of differences that exist between the creation of any website, please contact us directly for more information regarding site development.

Call us at (317) 925-1550 or email us.

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